What’s Inside Your Digital Camera Bag

It all paid off. After months of saving money, you now have in your hands the digital camera you have been dreaming of. Together with your digital cam, you also acquired a good-quality camera bag.

A camera bag is a container of different camera paraphernalia. So, what is inside your digital camera bag? Some of the common accessories which can be found in a camera bag are the following:

Digital Camera

The camera bag will lose its vital essence without the camera itself. There are different types and sizes of digital camera; hence it is important to consider the type and size of the camera before getting a camera bag.

Memory Holder

It is possible to store series of pictures because of memory sticks. Choosing the right camera bag will secure not only your memory holder but the stored photos as well.

A space for a memory card is crucial since it is tiny yet is an important camera accessory. Therefore, make sure that the camera bag you acquired has a memory holder.


Give life to your digital cam. Make sure to bring with you several pieces of batteries. Most camera bags have specified storage areas for the batteries.

Charger for Batteries

Being prepared will save you a lot of trouble. Thus, a battery charger inside your camera bag will be most helpful especially when your batteries run out of life. Choose a bag which can properly hold the battery charger.


Most tripods will fit into medium to large size camera bags. Most individuals prefer to bring with them a tripod to ensure steady picture taking. Some on the other hand keep a tripod inside their bags whenever they plan to set the self-timer on their cameras.

You may find camera lenses as well as filters in some camera bags. Other chooses to store remote controls inside their camera bags. Items stored inside a camera bag vary.

It depends on the user. The camera bag user may be a novice in the photography profession hence he may have a lot of beginner’s camera equipment. On the other hand, the user may be a pro. Some pros choose to bring camera equipment inside their bag what is only necessary for a specific project.

3 thoughts on “What’s Inside Your Digital Camera Bag

  1. Interesting! I have had to remodel a small suitcase for my two camera bodies and three lenses as well as batteries and chargers. I have one very big and heavy lens ( sport photography) so i needed a suitcase. I also have a monopod for the big lens but i carry that separately. Nice to see your suggestions here though.


  2. Good Morning. Bags Bags Bags. There was a time in my life when I truly owned 50 different bags and I had a special closet just to store them. I had bags that ranged in prices from 50.00 to 600.00 dollars but the reality was that I could only use one at a time. Today I have 2 bags. One is the COSYSPEED Outdoor camslinger bag and that comfortably carries my Fuji X pro 2, 50/2.0, 35mm 2.0, 23mm 2.0, Godox Flash and transmitter. 3 batteries, cable release, and cleaning stuff. It all fits into the Cosy which can be either a waist pack or sling bag. http://Www.cosyspeed.com.

    My other bag is the Peak Design sling bag. It holds all of the above as well as my IPad Pro and essential power supply and cables.

    Just 2 bags for different occasions.

    Quite often if I am city walking for a day I shall where a Scott vest, and it can hold two lenses, an IPad Pro 10.5, cables, batteries, cleaning stuff. The two lenses are 50mm and 35mm which equal 75mm and 50mm because they are on an APS sensor cameras body.

    Simplicity, light weight, makes for a more productive day of shooting.

    As for all my other bags, I gave them away to several organizations that are teaching photography for the under privileged in my area.


    1. Seems like you had the bag situation figured out. Thanks for your valuable input on those specific bags. And very kind of you for donating your other bags that you were not utilizing, I am sure they were highly appreciative.


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